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Love shopping with us? How about you work with us?



We are looking for fashion and design driven individuals that love to help and work with people! Outgoing, fashion savvy, kind, motivated, technology savvy, and driven people! If that sound like you, apply today!

Math Skills

Cash handling, returns, credit card processing, and general to advanced math skills are required to attain this position.


Our store needs to look and feel great when people come in. We clean daily, including but not limited to: sweeping, mopping, dusting, sanitizing, bathroom cleaning and upkeep, taking out trash, etc. We are like a big house party everyday; tons of people come and stay for different amounts of time, enjoy our services and our friendly faces and conversation. People don't like to come and hang out somewhere that feels unorganized, sloppy, or unwelcoming. We strive to have every customer feel at home if not better than that when they come in. Cleaning and upkeep is require to achieve this!

Design, Merchandising, & Retail Experience REQUIRED

We ask that applicants have at least 2 Years or more of Retail experience or some type of Customer service directly relating to Retail Sales to be a good fit for both the applicant and our store. This job require merchandising and design skills. A sales associate will have to assist guests in pairing accessories with outfits and further suggesting other products; general color coordination and customer service skills will be required to achieve a good company & employee relationship to further the hiring process.

Intermediate/ Advanced Technology Skills

All applicants must be able to open and operate apps on IOS and/or Android devices. Applicants must be comfortable with new waves of technology including, but not limited to, Online orders/returns/exchanges, updating online inventory via iPhone/android/iPad, preforming returns/exchanges/rewards system on tablet system. technology familiarity will be trained extensively but general technology familiarity is required.

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Please read before applying!
We are only searching for semi-part time employee. Applicant, if hired, will not be guaranteed more than 20 hours a week, except for peak holiday periods of year. UNDERSTAND you will be required to have open availibility and will be required to work weekends and holidays including Christmas Eve .
You will be asked to do a background check and drug test, and references will be contacted.
Thank you!

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