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BABY’S FIRST ACTIVITY MAT: Get your baby excited to play with this baby play gym! The padded mat allows babies to easily reach up to the 4 animal-shaped hanging rattles, and also lets them have fun peeking into the mirror.

●CUTE PEDAL PIANO: Babies can also play their first little melodies using the attached pedal piano. When pressed, each of the four keys plays a musical note, which will help your baby learn to recognize sounds and melodies.

●GREAT FOR TUMMY TIME: When baby’s done playing with the rattles and mirror, turn her over for some well-deserved tummy time. She’ll be fascinated by the bright colors of this tummy time mat while also developing her motor skills.

●SAFE & BABY-FRIENDLY: Everything about this activity mat is meant to be just right for infants. The mat is comfy but not too padded, and the hanging rattles are made of non-toxic materials that are safe for little hands.

TOY Life Play All-In-One Baby Play Mat

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